“Kali” aka The Trailer Dog
          The Meister
                  The Dog of Kurtz
Mar 12, 1996 to Jan 20, 2006
When my husband Bob and I purchased our property we decided to get a dog, little did we know how this endevor would become such a huge part of our lives.  Kali came into our lives at 5 1/2 weeks old, way too young to be taken away from her mother and littermates, but being our first dog, we didn’t know any better.  Kali was supposed to be a Golden Retriever cross, she was dark gold in color but that was about it, she had alot of hound in her.  Kali was a handful right from the get go, so off her and I went to obedience school for a battle of wits between her and I. We perserved and practiced everyday and she excelled graduating the top of her class and making me very proud.  Kali didn’t have much time for women, she was a mans dog, and was devoted to my husband Bob, and any man that came over to visit.  I owe a lot to Kali as she is the reason I am as involved in competing with my dogs as much as I am.  She had a great life and was a major part of family and I don’t think a day goes by when her name is mentioned and we have a good laugh about old times and her infamous antics.